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Developing Opportunities to Afghan Needy (DOSTAN)

DOSTAN is an independent, non-political and non-government organization that mainly focuses on Education, Scholarship, jobs, and sharing information.

We believe that everything are going to be digitalized and technology plays a vital role in connections and systemizing, we try our best to build and provide great systematic environment and bring opportunities so every needy people can use it.

In the process, people’s self-confidence is restored and they develop the expertise to maintain their own self-supporting projects. Our aim is to help organizations bring hope and constructively help to people so they can direct tie and use the opportunities to build their lives and communities.

Now, under the Taliban rule, we’re adapting to educate students safely by providing educational materials and supporting community-based classrooms.

Our Mission:

  •  To ensure accessibility of services, both physical and online, such that needy people with respect and dignity
  • To develop new ways in response to public needs and expectations as resources permit sustainably
  • To provide exemplary and very easy connection, internal and external
  • To provide capacity-building support to members and followers

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